Architecture Roadmap

Planning for this website.

Table of Contents

    Knowledge Management


    • Tag attributes
      • Tag name — lowercase only, spaces allowed
      • Tag inflections? “baseline" vs. “baselines"
      • Tag display name, upper and lower? “behavioral science" and “Behavioral Science"
    • TagInterface — Tag Manager concern
      • Should display Central Tags specially in the tagging interface
    • Taggable — Tag model concern
      • Associate central tags with items with a special relationship?
      • See if blank tag_strings result in errors
    • Relationship between crossterms and tags?


    New features

    • Finalize new design
    • Integrate new design


    New features

    • Need to do a paper work-through of it
    • Books
    • Articles
    • Currently learning
      • Some sort of text box to get in touch?
    • Integrate notes under this?


    Currently working on

    New features

    • Categories for notes as part of the larger ontology, displaying central tags on the notes screen
    • Show tags somewhere on the note page
    • Editing
      • One HTML block for “display" and one block for “editing" — make TOC and edits on “display" and make edits on “editing" blocks
      • Add “cancel" editing feature
      • Add autosave
    • Have a “latest changes" feed; requires created_at to be updated correctly upon save
    • Think about adding revisions
    • Think about styling by separating each H2 into “cards", background of page grey, card white, to accentuate sections. Maybe have the section name stick to the left side of the screen


    • JS — Allow H3s to be top-level in TOC (recognize when h2s don't exist in the body and switch starting depth for TOC to 3)
    • JS — Show warning before exit when in edit mode
    • CSS — Page width stuffy at medium viewport width; make wider
    • Backend — Tidy up HTML before saving



    • Brush up UI, maybe develop common UI


    • Cache using Varnish
    • Add exception handling
    • Add monitoring
    • Update to Rails 4.2.1 (check respond_to changes)
    • Add RSS feed to /journal/feed/ (and /feed/ → /journal/feed/ for now)
    • Add sitemap


    • Update to neo4j-community 2.2.0
    • Update to neo4j rb 4.x (whew)
    • Refactor tagging system

    Design language

    • Move from Freight Sans to Lyon Text
    • Continue exploring options for other fonts, especially for sans serif
    • Integrate Lyon Display



    • Universal tag system? Have Tags that correspond to different types of nodes?
    • “Major Tag" concept, a tag that 'categorizes' a certain node
      • Should be done through the relationship to the node or as a “type" of Tag?
        • More flexible if done as a relationship, but no way to elevate/prioritize tags
        • Less flexible but more categorizable if there are “major tags" or “master tags" or “primary tags", “central tags"
    • Tags can connect to any types of nodes
      • Primary Tags can be used as categories e.g. for notes, blog posts
      • Nodes could have more than one primary tag, but probably not recommended...