Mark Bao
New York, NY
Columbia University

I’m interested in how we can use an understanding of human behavior—such as understanding power dynamics and incentive structures—as a lens through which to understand complex systems, to identify the biggest problems within them, and to solve those problems through the application of strategy and technology.

I left college at 19, started a technology company in New York, and then went on a round-the-world trip. Now, I’m back in New York and doing personal research on behavior, habits, and strategy.

Three Inflection Points

One — I got my kicks in computer programming in elementary school, and since then I’ve been developing, designing, and creating products.

Two — My fascination with thinking and cognition turned into a devotion to advancing the understanding of behavior and its expression in complex systems as power and incentive.

Three — Early idealism sustained by a round-the-world trip compelled me to work on important and fundamental problems, unlike the ones being addressed by tech startups today.